Remote Control Services

Days of productivity can be lost if you have to wait for an IT consultant to come to your office and fix your problems. We offer a fast, effective response to minimize downtime for you and your employees. We can increase your business' efficiency, reduce your business' costs and improve your business' competitiveness.

If your server or PC can connect to Internet, we can connect to you. Most of our services are available remotely to you wherever you are.

This can be extremely advantageous.  An INSTANT response from a skilled Engineer.

Save your time and money by getting better remote support for your network, servers and desktop computers.

We can make a quick assessment of the technical problem and remotely access the server, desktop computer or other devices in order to quickly correct the problem.

Our most requested services requiring quick response is for Exchange server, backup, creating users and define permissions, database and mailbox repair. If your server can connect to the Internet,

we can efficiently do this remotely for you.

  • No large up front costs.

  • Secure encrypted communication over the Internet using VPN

  • No changes to your servers or PCs - nothing installed except windows configuration.